That Little Extra Touch

It’s amazing how easy it is to glam up a very simple hairstyle. As I was shopping for a few new clips I came across lots of gorgeous pieces! They are so pretty and prove that you don’t need to splash all the cash to get a fabulous fresh look;

These Tartan Lace Studded Bow Tie clips are perfect for casual day wear, very chic & only ยฃ3.50 from New Look for this pack of 3.

This Crystal Bow Clip/Brooch from Glitz4Girls is beautiful & will add abit of sparkle to your hair (or outfit as it has dual purpose & can be worn as both a hair clip and a brooch!) At ยฃ14.95 it is very pretty & so girly!

As you can see I’m loving bows at the moment but I also love this for a more dressier evening look.

This elegant Adornment Crystal Flower Hair Clip is from Debenhams & on sale now at only ยฃ6.40! Excellent value for money and oh so glamourous!! And so easy. Just add any of these to your hair style for that little extra touch!

Thank you for passing through..

Layonie Jae xxx๐Ÿ’—

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