My Saturday was a Spa Day

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I had a fabulous day today at the Pace Health Club and Nu Spa. I know that I haven’t sent a post for a while and that this isn’t exactly about hairdressing but I had such a lovely day today that I just had to share it with you! I promise a hairdressing post is coming really soon!! My new routine of being at college and working around the kids has been really hectic and I am still finding my feet but spending the day today being pampered has certainly helped me to cope with it all!

It is my mums birthday weekend this weekend & today we both went along to a spa day! The Pace Health Club and Nu Spa is at the Park Hill Hotel in Manchester. We arrived at 10am & was given our towel, robe & slippers to relax in for our duration there and one quick change later we was all set to have a facial & massage. We decided to both have the same treatments, we chose the Mini Dermalogica Facial & a Hot Stone Massage which lasted for about 40 minutes and was lovely, the relaxed ambience of the treatment room hit you as soon as you entered, I really didn’t want to leave!! After that we sat around the pool with our complementary coffees before getting our tracksuits on and hitting the gym! Now I’m not going to lie, I didn’t do all that much. I was there to relax not work out so I maybe went on the rowing machine not putting in too much effort, then did a few sit ups followed by a little walk on the treadmill whilst chatting away to my mum on the one next to me lol 🙂

We had lunch at the RBG Bar & Grill restaurant at the entrance of the hotel, I had a lovely scrambled egg & salmon on toast, sounds average but it was luurvly! Mum had the mozzarella cheese and tomato panini with Kettle chips washed down with a couple of glasses of rose! We then spent the rest of the afternoon in their stunning pool area with sauna & steam room. Total relaxation & perfect after a hectic week at college.

Will definitely be going again and if you fancy checking it out too here’s the link; 


Thank you for passing through..

Layonie Jae xxx<3

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