I love abit of Crazy Color

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Crazy Colors

Have you tried the semi permanent hair colours, Crazy Colours? They have a range of fun, vibrant colours and yesterday I used the Cyclamen colour on my highlights!A choice of Crazy Colors

My hair colour is really dark and so it isn’t really that clear on my hair in a photo but in person you can clearly see it so over all the results are great and I’m happy with how it has turned out! You can find crazy colors in most hair shops or online at
www.crazycolor.com and they cost £3.70 for a 100ml bottle.

You can apply it yourself but I think it is better to get somebody else to do it for you, I asked my hairdressing friend from college to come & do mine because the process can get really messy so please wear gloves & an apron (my bath was bright pink once done) but its worth it!

Applying my crazy color

Applying my crazy color

Dont forget your gloves!

How to use Crazy Colors
• first shampoo your hair (I always do 2 washes) then towel dry
• then whilst wearing your gloves apply colour evenly all over hair or on preferred sections (In my case my highlights)
• leave on your hair for 15-30 minutes & rinse out thoroughly until the water runs almost clear
• I then conditioned my hair to finish (optional)

Crazy Color over my highlights

..I’m thinking of trying the Capri Blue next!

Layonie Jae xxxx

6 thoughts on “I love abit of Crazy Color

    1. Oh that happened to me a while ago when I first tried a different pink.. Everyone was like ‘oh I love the red in your hair’ inside I’m thinking ‘but its suppose to be PINK!!!’ Lol crazy colours are good tho but they are only semi’s xxxx :0)


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