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You may think that this sounds crazy but I love it..!

You know when you get your acrylic nails done they look fresh for the first week yep?! Then after 2 & a half weeks your nails have grown out and its time to work out what day you can get down to the nail shop for your infill! Well at this point I’ve started adding my own touch to maintain the look until I get them done again..

I use this!

Gold glitter nail polish

I love my gold glitter nail vanish! I picked this up from BnM’s and it was only ยฃ1.50 I think.. (or less)

And I use this to paint in my infill areaย until I get them re done and I know you may think I’m crazy but I love it!!

The Layonie Jae touch :0)

I did it last month too with my red nails:

The Layonie Jae touch lol
I call this the Layonie Jae touch lol ๐Ÿ˜„

The LJ touch

Would you try it?

Have you already done this before? Would you try it now after reading this..? Lol :0)

Layonie Jae xxxx๐Ÿ’–

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