Tescos ‘All About Nails’ Polish

Layonie Jae, Nails, shopping

Only 29p each!

I had to quickly tell you guys about what I bought yesterday!!


Tescos All about Nails Polish

As I was doing my weekly shopping in tescos yesterday I spotted these nails polishes that were only 29p each so I had to grab myself some because whether they are great or not at only 29p I was certainly going to try them!!

I got myself 2 7ml bottles of the Plum Raisin colour and 2 7ml bottles of the Purple Rain colour! (As there wasnt many colour choices left other than these and a dark grey colour which I already had).

I cant wait to try these colours out for you and show you the results but as my Craving Coral colour nails are still looking pretty fresh at the moment, I am going to wait a little longer till I re do them! I just really wanted to let you all know today so that you can go and grab yourself some too!!

Let me know if you do!!

Layonie Jae xxxx

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