My Pinky Red Lips

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My pinky red lips!
How has everyone’s weekend been? The weather has been lovely here where I am so we’ve been making the very most of it ☀️. Earlier today I went for lunch with my cousin and as usual I sported my pinky red lips! As I was getting ready I made a mental note that I would do a post on it as I have lots of people commenting and complimenting me for my lipstick/gloss colour choice so I thought I’d share it with you!

I love make up and always try to avoid wearing cheap make up on my face as I have sensitive skin however when it comes to my lips I’m not fussy at all and to say that I get complimented alot for my lips it’s great!!

Here’s what I use:
What I use for my  pinky red lips

First I apply my Rimmel lip liner EXAGGERATE colour 064 OBSESSION. I can’t remember how much it cost but I’m guessing at no more than £3/£4.. 

Then I use my Collection lipstick colour 8 CHERRY POP again I’m guessing that this was only £2 or so.. (Sorry I only thought to do this post earlier today so not very prepared prices wise) but it is absolutely great value for money!!
Then finally I go over my lipstick with my Bourjois Paris 3D Effect lipgloss colour 23, this probably cost me around £8 but as I only add a little bit for that finishing touch it lasts forever (& the last time that I bought this it was on offer buy 2 get 1 free or something which was good 👌) 
LJ's pinky red lips
Layonie Jae's pinky red lips
This is my daily lip routine wether at college, doing the school run or on a girl night out I just love wearing my lush pinky red lips & with the sun shining so brightly this weekend this colour has been perfect! I am wondering though if I should change it & try to go for a more autumn type colour now… Hmm what do you guys think?
My  pinky red lips
Wishing all of my lovely followers a lovely week ahead 💋
Layonie Jae xxxx

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