My Bridal Hair

My Wedding Day

In a few weeks time at college, we will be working on our module on bridal hair and I can’t wait! It had me thinking of my own wedding day in Barbados which was 6 and a half years ago and how I had my hair for my big day!

Layonie Jae's Bridal Hair
My idea at the time was based on how Cheryl Cole had her hair for her wedding day. I wore clip in extensions and showed my hairdresser my copy of OK magazine so that she could re create the look for me.

Here are a few pics of my bridal hair:

Cheryl Coles wedding in OK magazine
How I had my hair on my special day!
How I had my hair on my wedding day!

And I know that you can’t exactly see my hair on this picture but I just love this photo, it’s one of my favourites as it is so dreamy so I thought I’d also share it with you guys!

Our wedding day on the beach in Barbados!

Thank you for passing through..

Layonie Jae xxxx👰

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