Large Hair Donut

Hi guys, my laptop is playing up so I have to do this post on my phone (which I don't really like to do but hey). All this week I have been wearing my hair up in my large hair donut that I bought from the professional beauty NORTH event the other week and I absolutely love it. I have mentioned a few times here and here about how much I love them but I am even more excited about my biggest donut so far!

Here are a few pics:





I've said it before and I'll say it again (and probably again and again in future posts lol) Go grab yourself a donut..!! If you haven't already, they really are the best and so easy to use!!

Layonie Jae xxxx💖

4 thoughts on “Large Hair Donut

  1. That looks gorgeous! I’ve ordered one that curls your hair too but it’s not this big. I want a big one too! I agree with you on the phone thing. This app is not user friendly!


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