Sally Hansen nail polish

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Sally Hansen polish

Over the weekend I decided to have my acrylic nails taken off and I am now proudly sporting my natural nails and it actually feels really good & refreshing especially because for now they are nice and long!! (Not sure how long that will last for though)..

I bought this Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chipnail polish set a few months ago in BnM's which only cost around £1.50 and have finally got round to using them:

💅 45 Fuchsia Bling Bling

💅 05 Diamonds

(I used 05 Diamonds colour over the 45 Fuchsia colour on my ring finger nail)

05 Diamonds

Sally Hansen nail polish

Pretty nails

I love these colours and I'm going to try the 05 Diamonds colour again with a white polish base underneath next time to see how that will look, as I can imagine that to look really pretty & elegant!!

Layonie Jae xxxx💅✨

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