My first attempt at acrylic nails



As you guys know my obsession with nails is getting bigger and bigger so much so that earlier this week I got my friend to show me how to apply acrylic overlay and tips and I was rather impressed with my lil self and my very very first ever attempt at doing them lol

I bought myself this basic kit from the market before realising that I would have been better off shopping around eBay to find a starter kit on there (that is my next plan as I wouldn’t recommend this one that I used) and got to practising, I finished my nails with my W7 Coral Dream colour polish!

The reason that they are all different shape’s is because I practised some with tips and some without!



I’m planning to do a nail technician intense course or at least a short course on acrylic nails early next year so if you have any ideas or know of any great courses that you could recommend to me I’d really appreciate it!

In the mean time I’m going to keep practising!!! I also painted my nails with this lovely red polish yesterday as 5 days later my nails are still going strong yaaayy lol


Layonie Jae xxxx💅

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