River Island and H&M Coats Haul

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Me and Mum in Oxford StreetMy mum came down from Manchester to stay with me in London for a few nights so as it was my day off from work we decided to have a mother and daughter shopping day at Oxford Street, London whilst the kids were at school.

My favourite shop is H&M! I just love the womens and childrens clothes and accessories that they have, so once we came out of Bond Street station we headed straight there. I'm not a shopoholic at all, I'm more of a 'know what I want and go and get just that'  type of shopper and so my targer for the day was to find a new coat!

I found this wool blend coat which I though was excellent value for money so I bought it! At only £35.04 it was in the sale at 50% off from the original price of £69.99!

My New H&M coatimg_3925Wool blend coatLayonie JaeLayonie Jae

I then purchased another coat from River Island which I instantly fell in love with! At £75 this dark pink, double collared coat screamed buy me! So I did! The best part about this purchase was that they told me how if I ordered it in store to arrive at another store, I would get 20% discount! I already had plans to go to Westfeilds on the following Saturday so I decided to pay the £5.95 for the express delivery to garentee that it would be there for the Saturday and still felt pleased with my savings of £9.05!

River Island coat - Layonie JaeRiver island Coat - Layonie JaeRiver island Coat - Layonie JaeRiver island Coat - Layonie JaeRiver island Coat - Layonie Jae

I love both of my 2 coats and feel pleased that I found exactly what I was looking for! Which out of these 2 coats, do you prefer? I just love wool blend coats! What style winter coat do you love to have?

Just click here to watch my full shopping day vlog!

Wishing you all a happy Monday and a positive week ahead!

Layonie  Jae x

7 thoughts on “River Island and H&M Coats Haul

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    1. Thank you Justyne! That is my favourite one out of the two as well! I will save the pink one for more dressier occasions and wear my green/blue coat for everyday wear ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Thanks for commenting xxx


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