Happy Just Because!

Layonie Jae, London, Me time, Mindset

Today has been amazing! I woke up feeling happy and excited about life for no apparent reason and I remember telling my daughter this morning, of how I was feeling as I was getting her ready for school and I was excited to tell her about my day when it was time to collect her at the end of the day. I was excited to show her once again another example of how positivity is powerful and if you believe that you are going to have a great day then you WILL have a great day as today was even better than I imagined it to be!!

Sometimes you have to put all negative thoughts aside and only focus on the positives. It's easier said than done I know but on the days that I do, it makes me realise once again of how blessed I truly am!

So this morning I felt great, I felt happy and excited and as a result I ended up having an amazing day! 

Even the rain couldn't kill my vibe!!!

I really hope that I can keep this positive energy flowing for the rest of this week and I am wishing you all the same amount of positivity too!!!

I hope my ramblings of excitement in this post made sense to you all lol. Wishing everyone a happy evening and a positive week ahead!!

Layonie x

4 thoughts on “Happy Just Because!

  1. Amazing piece – made me happy and positive reading it. I am wishing for this positivity and happiness to last…Enjoy!!


    1. Aww thank you so much! Some days can be such a struggle can’t they, so as I was in such a good mood yesterday I really wanted to embrace it and share the positivity 😃 luckily it’s still lasting today too lol gotta keep it up 😂

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