Bad Moms Review

OMG! I have just finished watching BAD MOMS!

I know that it has been out for a while now (a quick google search has informed me that’s it’s been out for over a year so this review is a little late but anyway..) and that BAD MOMS 2 is already out now (which I am absolutely going to watch!!) but just wow! That is such a feel good movie!!!

If you haven’t already, please check out my post: Life as a full time working single mum and if your life is as hectic as mine is and you haven’t yet watched BAD MOMS, then I absolutely recommend that you do!

I am 100% guilty of over thinking EVERYTHING! I feel paranoid yet adventurous and I’m a risk taker yet also a worrier and sometimes I just wish that life could be a lot easier!!! However with all of those constant rollercoaster of emotions I never ever ever take for granted just how fabulous and amazing it is to be a Mum!!! This movie absolutely celebrates just that!

So if you are looking for a feel good, happiness booster and a reminder of how special it is to be a mom then you have to watch BAD MOMS (surely I am not the only person who hadn’t watched the movie until now… am I??) It has been a great start to my Sunday, it’s motivated me to get up, do my chores and even get my Christmas tree up!! πŸŽ„

Have you already watched Bad Moms? What did you think of it?

Do you know of any other feel good -girl power – proud to be a Mum type film that I should watch next..? If so, comment below so that I can watch them too!!

Happy Sunday you amazing Mums, Mummy’s and Moms out there!

Layonie Jae xxx

2 thoughts on “Bad Moms Review

  1. Love this post – you were not alone. I have not yet seen Bad Moms, I am not really a film kinda mum but do love from time to time a real good enjoyable movie. My daughter’s watched it and said it is really good. I am now wanting to watch it so much. I will get back to you once I have managed this. Have a great week! And that goes out to all you amazing mum’s out there – including me…ha, ha, ha, ha…


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