Go grab yourself a donut..!

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If you havent already!!

hair donut hairstyle

Almost everybody loves the hair donut because it is so easy to use!

You can create a casual everyday hair up with it as well as a glamourous style for an evening or event!

I took a while to get myself one, only because it always seems to take a while for me to take to any new trend! I must admit that I now LOVE the donut and have quite a few in my colletion.

They come in all colours and sizes for all hair colour and hair length and they look great!

hair donuts

My daughter also likes to wear hers!!

My daughter with her hair using a donut

Here are a few hairstyles that I have created using various size donuts..

Starburst crown braid hair up

Hairstyle by Layonie Jae with a donut and braids

Hairstyle by Layonie jae using a hair donut

Layonie Jae xxxx


New Fringe!

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So… I decided to have a fringe..


I was only planning to have a trim & a few layers put in but then decided to just have a full fringe


I do love college lol

Thank you for passing through!!

Layonie Jae xxxx💗