Holiday Inn Hotel, Milton Keynes 

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Our weekend away!

Last weekend I surprised my kids with a weekend away at The Holiday Inn hotel in Milton Keynes!

The reason why I chose the Holiday Inn hotel was because of their pool and I chose Milton Keynes because it was an easy location for me to travel to from London and to have my mum travel down from Manchester to meet us there!
I have always passed through Milton Keynes on the train when travelling to and from Manchester to London and so I decided that I would actually visit the area and I am so glad that I did!

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​In the mornings we enjoyed fresh fruit, a full English breakfast and mini cakes, coffee and fresh juice at the buffet and then we would go down to the pool and spend all day swimming and splashing around relaxing and having fun and in the evenings we would head over to the shopping centre to have dinner!

It was so lovely to just unwind and forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life and stresses that come with working, juggling childcare and running a home whilst trying to pursue personal goals and projects too, it was a mini get away and it felt great!! I deffo recommend a weekend away at a hotel with a pool if it isn’t something that you would normally do yourself! The kids totally enjoyed it and didn’t want to come back home!!

The intu shopping centre there is so family friendly with sandpits and children’s activities displayed through out the centre for children (and adults of all ages) to take part in, it had a nice welcoming atmosphere and is definitely a town that I will visit again plus it was only 5 minutes away from The Holiday Inn hotel too which was a bonus!


We paid £169.20 for 2 nights (2 adults, 2 children) kids go free!

And it was well worth the price!

Do you enjoy a weekend away at a hotel? What is your best hotel to stay at?

I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment below and share your experiences with me!

Thanks for reading,

Layonie Jae x

Life’s lessons that we call mistakes

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Do you know what I've realised?

I've realised that I haven't made a lot of mistakes, but instead I've learnt a lot of lessons!

At the time, it felt as if it was all going wrong and it felt so unfair. I felt angry at myself and frustrated for making some wrong choices not understanding why it was happening to me but now when I look back I am so grateful that it actually happened! I learnt so much from it and it made me a better person. It made me stronger and more determined than ever before! I'm more humble, true to myself and a happier person for it!

The same goes for certain situations in my life today! Feeling frustrated because I'm comparing where I am now, to where I want to be. Wishing that I had gone about things in a completely different way but what I must remember is that so many positive things have come from this situation and so I cannot dismiss everything because of the 'one' position that I am not happy with right now! If I hadnt landed a position at A, I may not have thought of my ideas of B, C and D which I love and feel passionate about! We must always stop and take a step back to look at the much bigger picture, whenever we have those days of feeling doom and gloom.

Without those 'mistakes' I would never truly appreciate all of the great choices that I have made in my life and I have made many if I don't say so myself!😌

So be grateful for those "mistakes" be aware that they are really life's LESSONS in disguise!!

Wishing you all a lovely evening and a positive week ahead!

Layonie Jae x