A lil bit of glitz! ✨

Hey everyone!!!

Lil bit of glitz!

I just decided to glitz up my Plum raisin and Purple rain nails with my glitzy W7 multi colour glitter polish..

Do you like??


W7 glitter polish

I think im in love with these colours all mixed together so beautifully, I found this polish in my local BnM’s store and it was only around £1.50 (maybe less) I think I need to go back and stock up on some more of this glitzy glitter polish!! I love a good bargain especially when you get amazing results from them!!

Layonie Jae xxxx💖💅👌


WordPress Blogger Family Award!!


Wow these last few days have been really hectic but finally finally I have found time to write up this post to say a big thank you to Juliana from http://beauteamoureux.com for nominating me into her WordPress blogger family!!

Juliana’s blog is amazing so if you haven’t discovered it yet, check it out here! She has all the best make up tips, reviews, beauty and fashion advice on her blog and her passion and love for all things beauty really shine through!!

The rules:

1. Ping back to the person who gave you the Award (Me)

2. Display the Award

3. Nominate 10 people you look to as almost Family here on Word Press

So here are the 10 Bloggers that I have nominated, who I feel are apart of my WordPress family!!!

In no particular order, they are:

1 http://beauteamoureux.com/

2 http://mammulikes.wordpress.com/

3 http://kittnoir.wordpress.com/

4 http://cowboysandcrossbones.wordpress.com/

5 http://tiffanyjades.wordpress.com/

6 http://nailmattic.wordpress.com/

7 http://allthingslady.wordpress.com/

8 http://parisandnewyork.wordpress.com/

9 http://audrina1759.wordpress.com/

10 http://amandabambiibeauty.wordpress.com/

Layonie Jae xxxx