Layonie Jae’s – Everything hairdressing blog is 1 today!!

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I started this blog exactly 1 year ago just before starting college and here I am once again about to enter in a new year of college and more blogging here on Everything Hairdressing its very exciting!

Life is about creating yourself!

Decided to celebrate with a new blog theme/appearance too, do you like?

During my level 3 I’m going to learn as much as possible to share with you guys…!!

Never let go of your dreams

Thank you so much for passing through, I appreciate the support!!

Oh and if your an Instagram lover like I am follow me at LAYONIEJAE & I will follow you back!!

My life isnt perfect but my hair is & thats what really matters!

Layonie Jae xxxxπŸ’–πŸΈπŸŽ‚πŸ’‡

Nails nails nails!

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Here on Everything Hairdressing I decided to talk nails, I love hair!!! I love nails too!

Gel nails, shellac polish, manicure, pedicure etc there’s so many ways to get your nails did but you know what I still love… my good ol’ acrylics!! I feel like everyone’s talking about everything other than acrylics these days but I love them! I get mine done at The Nail Queen in Oldham, their service is sufficient as they are polite but not big on conversing with the customers but your in and out fast and I’m always very happy with my result!

Prices for a full set are Β£20 but if your a student with your student card it’s Β£18! And an infill is Β£15!

Got mine did today and I love em!!

I usually go for my reds or pinks during summer or during winter times dark colours like black or navy blue’s but today I decided on something completely new and chose white, a lil something white!
Do you like?
My white painted acrylics
My little princess came along with me today and she got her nails painted too
look at her lil pretty nails!
My 4 year old had her nails painted too
Mummy and daughters new pretty nails!
What do you prefer are you an acrylic person or do you prefer gel nails or any other type?
Layonie Jae xxxxπŸ’–