Protect Your Hair

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Whenever we use heated appliances on our hair we need to apply heat protection creams or sprays before hand!
At college we use the Wella Professionals Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray, you can pick this up for around £7 for a 150ml bottle.
I have also started using Schwarzkopf Pro Styling Heat Protection Straightening Spray Strong Hold on my hair which you can pick up at around £2.99 for a 200ml bottle.
Constant use of heat to the hair can damage hair and cause it to break off, it weakens and destroys vital proteins in your hair as well as deplete your hair’s natural oils, so if you regularly use heated appliances to your hair remember to apply your heat protection creams, serums or sprays first!!
Creating that fabulous hair style is about caring for your hair aswell as the styling of your hair. The healthier your hair is – the better your style will look!! ~ Layonie Jae
On the days that I dont use heated appliances I slap on lots of lotions to keep my hair moisturised. I usually use Sof n free found here in my Top 3 or some Blue Magic Coconut Oil Hair Conditioning (which you can pick up for around £2.50 for a 300ml tub) I tend not to over wash my hair to prevent it from drying out & I use condition treatments regularly which I’ve listed here in A little TLC for your hair!
Layonie Jae xxx💗

How To Repair Those Split Ends!!

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The only way to mend split ends, is to have them cut off!

Fragilitis Crinium is the technical term for split ends which means the brittleness of the hair that causes the hair to break off at the ends. It is when individual hairs start to split at the ends into 2 or more sections working up the hairshaft. There are lots of products advertised that say that they can "help repair your split ends, targetting and binding hair back together" and "leave your hair healthy and restored". Although they can help temporarily make your hair look healthier and bouncier, the truth is that they will not repair your split ends and the best thing that you can do is have them cut off!!

Fragilitis Crinium commonly known as 'Split Ends'

Fragilitis Crinium commonly known as 'Split Ends'

I personally have long hair that I luurve and didn't want to cut as I have my son's christening coming up in a couple of weeks and wanted my hair nice and long for it but having gone so long without a trim, I desperately needed a couple of inches cut off which I had done this week and although it is lil shorter than I'd like (probably only noticable to myself to be honest) it now looks and feels better than ever!

The only way to mend split ends is to have them cut off!
So Truthfully.. There isn't really a way to repair them!

If you want to be rid of your splits ends – the real answer is to go and have them trimmed off!! 😌

Layonie Jae xxx💗