Happy and Dissatisfied at the same time

Mummy life

I was watching a YouTube video of a speech by Bob Proctor and he made a comment of how you can be both happy with what you have and dissatisfied at the same time and I absolutely agree!

We can be happy and grateful with what we have now and rightly so however that doesn’t mean that we cannot be dissatisfied too.? Dissatisfaction is what brings out the creativity in us, dissatisfaction is what allows us to strive for even better than what we already have now and dissatisfaction is what can make us passionate about our goals in life!

I am so happy and grateful!

This year I made a few changes to my life and I am so proud of the accomplishments that I have made so far however I still feel like I have a long way to go, to get to where I want to be! As I explained in one of my previous post; Life as a single full time working mum, my life is very hectic yet still very fulfilling and I would never change a thing about my journey so far because that has made me who I am today however that doesn’t stop me from striving for so much more and so much better for mine and my children’s future.

Have you ever felt guilty for wanting so much more…? Have you ever felt misunderstood at any time, when you have tried to explain this to a friend or family member? Have you ever wondered that maybe you want too much and that you should probably stop and be grateful for what you already have?

Yeh me too!

But not anymore!

You can have what you want! You should go for it, strive for it and be patient with yourself as you go through the process to achieve it!! Maybe it isn’t happening as quickly as you would like it too, maybe you have moments of procrastination and feel frustrated with yourself for not getting everything done at the time slot that you initially imagined. That’s ok! Just keep going, do something towards your goals every day, every other day even! Just as long as you don’t quit! You only fail if you quit!

So keep going, keep believing, keep dreaming and most importantly keep working at it!

That is what I intend to do too!!!

Layonie Jae x

ZSL London Zoo – Review

Family days out

We went to the ZSL London Zoo on a super hot bank holiday Monday yesterday and a lot of the animals seemed to be in hiding!

I was looking forward to seeing the gorillas, elephants, lions, tigers and giraffes, however I only saw the giraffes and gorillas because they have no elephants at ZSL London Zoo and the Tigers and Lions were relaxing in the shade so much so that I never even saw a Lion and I only saw a tiger for a moment before he hid away again.

However the Gorilla’s were amazing. Especially this guy here:

Near to the end before we were about to leave we decided to check out the Gorillas for one last time and we got to see them playing nicely together as a family.

It was my first time visiting ZSL London Zoo and although it was a good day out and a lovely Zoo, I think that I prefer my visit to Chester Zoo a few years ago because they had a lot more animals there.

The kids absolutely loved it though! It was a super hot day and so they needed lots to drink but other than that they were happily playing together as well as admiring and chatting away about all of the animals (my friend and her children came along too) so it was a fun day trip out/play date for all of us!

How much did I pay:

I ordered our tickets online a few days before:

• Adult ticket was £24.30 each

• Child ticket £18.00 each

• There was also the option to buy tickets at the door but those tickets cost slightly more

I think that if there had been a few more lions and tigers and I’d have seen some elephants then the experience would have been even better however it was still a fun day out!

Have you been to ZSL London Zoo before? What did you think of it?

Layonie Jae x