When They Try To Call Me MUM!

Layonie Jae, Mummy life

…I just ignore them!!

I'm just not ready yet! I love being called Mummy, for me personally I just prefer it much more to Mum and I am going to try and keep my title of Mummy going for as long as I can!

My daughter Leshay is 7 and a half now and my son Jaray is 5 and a half years old and I know that the day is soon coming but for now I am only responding to Mummy and thats final!

They have this cheeky smirk that appears on their faces as soon as they say it, it is as if it is a naughty word.. I give them the stare for a couple of seconds letting them know that I think they are both being cheeky monkeys and in the end we all giggle and they go back to calling me Mummy!

I'm not sure why it matters to me so much, maybe its because I know that I dont want to have anymore children and so I am treasuring the Mummy phase for as long as I can. I dont know but for me, I just love love love the Mummy title!! Lol

What are your thoughts? Do you love being called Mummy? Or does it not matter much to you? Lol be sure to comment below as I'd love to hear from you! 

Wishing you all a positive week ahead!!

Layonie Jae x