Essence the gel nail polish from Wilko

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Let’s talk nails!

I used to be obsessed with acrylics and would get them infilled every 3 weeks! I loved acrylics so much so that I learnt how to do them. I have a few old posts of my attempts, here is a link to one of them: My black and gold acrylics. However after a while I became less obsessed about acrylics and fell in love with my own natural nails. I still love acrylics on other people but now prefer to have my own natural, I used to love having them long too but now I prefer them short!

I paint them every other night once the kids are in bed, as I find it therapeutic!


Essence the gel nail polish from Wilko – Layonie Jae

My favourite polishes right now are from Wilko, if like myself you don’t care to spend too much on nail varnish then I definitely recommend these. I have quite a few of their ‘the gel nail polish’ polishes and they are really affordable at £1.65 each. The polish brushes are quite wide and can be applied in only 2 or 3 strokes and they have a nice creamy consistency which usually means one coat is enough, depending on which colour you are applying, which I think is perfect for busy mums on the go!

I have 15 of their polishes and these are the colours that I have: