Self Care

For a very long time, self care was not a priority of mine. I was always putting my children and my now ex husband’s needs before my own. Fast forward a few years later & I am now a full time working single mum and self love and self care is at the very top of my priorities!

Here are a few of my videos about self care:

My Morning Skincare Routine – Summer 2019:

5am Positive Morning Routine:

Putting your own needs at the top of your priorities list is a benefit for your children because as the saying goes “happy mummy, happy life!” Or at least this is how I see it anyway! Before take off on a flight, you are told to put on your own oxygen mask before you put in your children’s as you are no use to anyone if you are not protected first and I put this same principle into practise with my self care, if I feel stressed out and low then how can I empower my children to be positive and have self belief in themselves… I can’t! Or I can try but they probably wouldn’t take me seriously..

When my children see me feeling confident and happy, I encourage them to follow in my footsteps!

Self care is vital for all of us mums and you should never let it take a back seat! Put yourself first now and again, take some real time of for yourself and regularly schedule in some well deserved me time!

If you need further motivation then be sure to check out my YouTube channel where I promote positivity and self care for mums!

I hope to see you over there!

Enjoy your day mama, 😘

Layonie Jae x