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I recently uploaded a video to my YouTube channel of Book Recommendations for self help and to improve self confidence, if you haven’t watched that video yet, you can watch it here.

One of the books that I mentioned was infact my own, after I had recently read it again (after throwing it to the back of my mind and forgetting all about it!) I wrote the book over 4 years ago now and I am pleased to say that, I do believe the information is still relevant for today. If you have read my book first of all, thank you so much and secondly, I do hope that you found it helpful.

The ebook; Pocket Money to Big Money is available on Amazon, click here to purchase your copy!

One thing that I must mention is that I no longer own the website that the ebook refers to so, if you would like to access the PMBM worksheets for you to print off to help you whilst you teach your children to manage and take control of their money, just click here.

Thank you for passing through,

Stay safe

Layonie Jae xx

Enjoying Quarantine Lifestyle

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No stressful commute to and from work, spending quality time with my cats and my children, the ability to work from home and have extra time to relax in the evenings.. these are just a few reasons why I am enjoying my quarantine lifestyle.

I understand that it isn’t easy for everyone and that some people have really struggled during this time but fortunately my children and I feel safe, secure and happy at home. I have been working on my youtube channel, keeping on top of my home organisation and yes ok, maybe I have been guilty of a little online shopping.. there is an ASOS haul up on my channel now full of summer dresses if your interested?

What have you been doing to keep yourself safe and sane during quarantine? Have you enjoyed this extra time spent at home?

If I could give anyone 3 tips on how to stay positive and enjoy their quarantine lifestyle, I would say:

  • Avoid watching the news everyday!
  • Pursue those hobbies or that passion project that you never usually have the time to start
  • Go for a walk at least 3 times a week!

I am strict about the amount of news that I consume and I allow myself to watch only a couple of short clips of it on YouTube that give a quick debriefing of any covid-19 updates, anymore than that and it can make me feel anxious and upset. I use most of my free time and days off from work to work on my passion projects AND I have never been one for exercising but I now have a new exercise routine!!!

I power walk around my local park 3 mornings a week and oh do I feel so much better for it!! And then on the other 4 mornings in the week I practise yoga! I know I know, you can’t be bothered with all of that and honestly I felt the same way BUT what can I say, quarantine has changed me and I actually enjoy it now and you may do too!! You should give it a try..

I hope you found this blog post helpful? 🥰 Or I at least hope it put a smile on your face?

Thank you so much for reading & stay home – stay safe!

Layonie xx

Digital Detox – Why Is It Important?

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Do you ever scroll through Instagram for what feels like only 10 minutes, only to realise that an hour has gone by..? During this time you felt ok when you saw some pics and not so great when you saw others..?

Unfortunately we can often find that we compare ourselves to others even when we try not to, some pictures can leave you feeling inspired and others can leave you feeling deflated!

Sometimes I find that I need to take a break, have a digital detox and take a step back from social media as otherwise it can get quite overwhelming and very time consuming (scrolling through my feed and catching up on pictures of those who have kindly ‘liked’ or commented under my pics). During these times I avoid opening my app and limit myself to only a couple of YouTube videos a week. I make sure that I get an early night, spend some time in my home getting organised (cleaning and de cluttering always makes me feel refreshed and re charged) and I read more! I am currently reading The 5am Club by Robin Sharma, if you haven’t read this book then I highly recommend that you do as it is amazing!

I think that it is important to ask ourselves this question:

If there was no distraction of social media and you had more time for yourself what would you do with your free time?

Would that activity make you feel happy and fulfilled?

Then why are we not doing more of that??

Why are we spending so much of our time trying to collect ‘likes’ and watching people that half of the time we don’t even care for, why are we watching them live the highlighted version of their life on insta??

We can get so caught up in the fikkle things (how many followers that we have or how many likes per picture do we have) that we forget to focus on what really matters and that is to focus on our children, our home, our surroundings and our friends! We need to create a space for ourselves that we feel safe, fulfilled, full of joy and inspired!

Recently I decided to have a digital detox and take a step back from instagram, give myself a break and focus only on filming and editing my videos – something that I thoroughly enjoy to do and I am passionate about! 

I love social media but even I need a break now and again! After a few weeks off I am feeling fully re charged and ready to go again.

What do you guys do to recharge yourself if ever you are feeling drained?? I would love to read your comments below?!

Thank you so much for passing by 🥰

Layonie Jae xx

Pocket Money to Big Money ebook

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My ebook is available to buy at Amazon NOW!

As you guys know, I am a big believer in striving for higher and trying new ventures. This one is my latest! I wrote this book as a guide to all of my fellow parents raising young children and I really hope that you like it!!

About my book:

Pocket Money to Big Money encourages parents to teach their children about money as early as possible. The younger children learn about money, the sooner they will learn skills and have the mindset to manage their money well, which will allow them a better start for their financial future.

In this quick read eBook you will find useful tips and strategies that you can use, that will help guide you and your children in the right direction towards a happier financial lifestyle!

Click here to find Pocket Money to Big Money on Amazon!!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Layonie x

Life as a full time working single mum

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My Thoughts – Positive Self Talk

Typical work day routine:

Wake up at 6am and get ready for work whilst constantly nagging the kids to get ready for school, rush your breakfast, kids rush theirs, feeling guilty you even rush conversations with them just so that you can make it in time to drop them at the childminders and then rush off for your train!

After all of that rushing around you arrive at work to rush through your morning to take an hour for yourself for your lunch. You then rush back to the office and rush through your afternoon dealing with office politics and getting through your work load until the clock strikes 5pm and then you rush off back to the childminders and then rush back home.

It’s 6pm and by this time you are exhausted Layonie but dinner won’t make itself! So you cook dinner, do kids bath time, have your dinner together, homework time, then it’s the kids bedtime before finally you can relax in the bath and wind down before you climb into your bed to get as much sleep as possible ready to rush through the same routine again tomorrow!

Life as a single full time working mum!

It’s not easy, sometimes you just want to give up, give in, forget what society dictates and be a full time mum again! But you know that that won’t get you to where you need to go, to make the contacts that you need to make, to get you to reach the aspirations that you have so deep inside for your future, for you and your children, so you wake up again the next day, paint a smile on your face, push your emotions somewhere to the back of your mind, maybe have a little rant to a friend over what’sapp during your commute, just to get it off of your chest and you keep going!

You keep going because you believe that the future is bright, that your dreams and vision for your future will come true!! You believe that your long term plan will benefit the kids in leaps and bounds and will absolutely be worth it in the end. This current lifestyle is only temporary because you know how you want it to all work out!

You believe in you!!!

Ignore the opinions of colleagues that think they know what’s best for you, just smile and nod! You have your own personal plan for your future, keep that close to your chest and stay focused! Your family and friends advice is always welcome and you appreciate that they are trying to help but you don’t have to apply it, everyone’s desire for the future varies widely and that’s ok, you know what’s best for you more than they do!

Don’t play it small to fit in, play it big, think big and believe even bigger! Continue to work on those projects! Who cares if you embarrass yourself or if it doesn’t work out, I’d rather try and fail, than to never try at all!

You’ve got this honey – keep going – push through – believe and receive! #PersistentlyHappy

Looking forward to seeing you reach your goals!

The power of positive self talk!

To all the mums in the world I salute you – we don’t get enough credit for what we do!!!!

Hope this post helps a mum today, your not alone as you can see, I feel the same way too!

We can do this!!!

Layonie Jae x

Michael Kors handbag

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I’ve been a mum for just over 8 years now and like a lot  of mums, paying the bills and providing for my children has always been my priority when it came to what I spent my money on. I have always admired designer labels from a far but instead of shopping at Prada, I would shop at Primark and find items that looked elegant and glamorous with a much, much, much cheaper price tag!

I was a housewife for a few years and then I got a part time job before recently taking a full time corporate role and to celebrate I decided to treat myself to a new Michael Kors handbag! #Exciting

My friend who has a huge designer handbag and shoe collection already, came along with me and I was pleased to discover that they had a sale on!

At the Michael Kors store on Regents Street, London, I got myself the Dillon Top Zip Satchet handbag in Black that was originally priced at around £390 or was it…. £410….? (I’ve forgotten the exact price) but it was now half of that price and I got it for £197!!

I just love this bag! 

It is strong and sturdy and a perfect size that fits just enough in without tempting you to squeeze in your kitchen sink (something which I usually do but I am determined not to with this bag! I am determined to keep this bag clutter free and only carry around my absolute essentials!!) It also came with a separate strap so I can wear it either on my wrist, arm or over my shoulder!

Excitingly whilst there, my friend treated me to a new purse too as a belated birthday present!

 I couldn’t believe it, I am so lucky!!

They didn’t have this design in the black so I went for this beautiful beige colour instead and what I love about this purse is that it can also pass for a clutch bag too:

I am so pleased with my Michael Kors items!! 

I chose the classic design for both items rather than the more on trend designs because I feel that they will go with so many clothes in my wardrobe and will last a long time!

Do you like?

I think that I may slowly get the bug for buying designer handbags now but only once in a while… maybe.. I think so..

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll look forward to reading and replying to them!

Layonie Jae x

Independent & Positive Single Mum

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I have a strong sense of self love, self belief and feel at my most confident that I have ever felt before! I think that alot of it comes with age and the rest comes from years worth of working on my self development, a topic that I am so passionate about. I receive a lot of compliments and often get asked for my advice, so I decided to write a blog post so that I have all of the useful information and videos all in one place that I can share with you.

Never underestimate the power of self belief of a single mum, once you realise your power there is nothing that can hold you back, I go into detail in this video:

I believe that this video is particularly important for any single mom or single woman to watch, if you want to get confident at managing your money:

Every positive single mum has a strong sense of confidence, I advice that you work on yours! This video is especially helpful to any newly single mom that is fresh out of a relationship. I highly recommend this video it’s called How to build your confidence- married woman to single mum transition:

I really hope that you found this post helpful, please share it with anyone who may need to hear this and if there is anything that you would like me to further share my thoughts on and write about here on my blog, please let me know in the comments section below and I will write about that for you.

Thank you for passing through, I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Layonie Jae xx