River Island and H&M Coats

Me and Mum in Oxford StreetMy mum came down from Manchester to stay with me in London for a few nights so as it was my day off from work we decided to have a mother and daughter shopping day at Oxford Street, London whilst the kids were at school.

My favourite shop is H&M! I just love the womens and childrens clothes and accessories that they have, so once we came out of Bond Street station we headed straight there. I’m not a shopoholic at all, I’m more of a ‘know what I want and go and get just that’  type of shopper and so my targer for the day was to find a new coat!

I found this wool blend coat which I though was excellent value for money so I bought it! At only £35.04 it was in the sale at 50% off from the original price of £69.99!

My New H&M coatimg_3925Wool blend coatLayonie JaeLayonie Jae

I then purchased another coat from River Island which I instantly fell in love with! At £75 this dark pink, double collared coat screamed buy me! So I did! The best part about this purchase was that they told me how if I ordered it in store to arrive at another store, I would get 20% discount! I already had plans to go to Westfeilds on the following Saturday so I decided to pay the £5.95 for the express delivery to garentee that it would be there for the Saturday and still felt pleased with my savings of £9.05!

River Island coat - Layonie JaeRiver island Coat - Layonie JaeRiver island Coat - Layonie JaeRiver island Coat - Layonie JaeRiver island Coat - Layonie Jae

I love both of my 2 coats and feel pleased that I found exactly what I was looking for! Which out of these 2 coats, do you prefer? I just love wool blend coats! What style winter coat do you love to have?

If you would like to watch my youtube video of this shopping day vlog, just click here

Wishing you all a happy Monday and a positive week ahead!

Layonie x

Essence the gel nail polish from Wilko

Let’s talk nails!

I used to be obsessed with acrylics and would get them infilled every 3 weeks! I loved acrylics so much so that I learnt how to do them. I have a few old posts of my attempts, here is a link to one of them: My black and gold acrylics. However after a while I became less obsessed about acrylics and fell in love with my own natural nails. I still love acrylics on other people but now prefer to have my own natural, I used to love having them long too but now I prefer them short!

I paint them every other night once the kids are in bed, as I find it therapeutic!


Essence the gel nail polish from Wilko – Layonie Jae

My favourite polishes right now are from Wilko, if like myself you don’t care to spend too much on nail varnish then I definitely recommend these. I have quite a few of their ‘the gel nail polish’ polishes and they are really affordable at £1.65 each. The polish brushes are quite wide and can be applied in only 2 or 3 strokes and they have a nice creamy consistency which usually means one coat is enough, depending on which colour you are applying, which I think is perfect for busy mums on the go!

I have 15 of their polishes and these are the colours that I have:


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Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs by Layonie Jae

I haven’t practised much nail art recently but this week I decided to create some designs on my nail wheel and this is what I came up with..

Nail Art Designs by Layonie Jae

I was quite happy with these ideas as I’d almost given up on nail art after realising that it isn’t always as easy as it looks. But after creating some of these designs I can happily say that I am back in the spirit of nail art and will hopefully create many more :0)

Layonie Jae xxxx

Beauty UK 2014 (Hair and Nails) at NEC Birmingham

Beautiful nails by the NSI team

Yesterday I went along to the Beauty UK 2014, event at the NEC in Birmingham and I loved it. They had stalls for Beauty, Hair, Nails and Holistics.

I spent most of the day at the NSI desk finding out all about their new Secrets range for one strokes and had some demos done on my nails!

Here are the pics:

Sculptured gel nail by Khrissy from the nsi team

I love this nail by Hazel Dixon one of the professionals from the nsi team, using an edge nail tip with her beautifully designed nail art

Demo's from the nsi team

I absolutely love these nails esecially the edge nail tips!

I plan to stock up on lots of these products asap (as unfortunatly I ran out of time and had to run for my coach back home so didn’t get to buy any on the day 😦  )!!

Layonie Jae xxxx