With Every Experience, You Learn Something New

Dig deep inside of you, don’t just look at the surface search for something true.

Life is full of lessons for us to learn, grow and move on from. I have no regrets just gratefulness.

Sometimes we can beat ourselves up for some of the choices that we have made, only to later realise that they helped us to become the person that we are today!

I love who I have become and I’m positive about the future-me that I am still yet to meet.

I have a generous heart, a positive personality and strength that gets me through any uncomfortable situation that I may find myself in.

It may not have turned out in the way that I intended it to….

But with every experience, you learn something new!!


(I wrote this early last year, I found it in one of my notebooks and wanted to share it here on my blog. I hope you like it 💕🤗 and thank you for reading! Xx)

Layonie Jae x



Happy New Year 🥳

Happy New Year 🥳

I can’t believe that it is now 2019!!!

Last year feels like it just flew by!!

What do you have planned for your 2019??

What goal are you going to accomplish this year?

What fun and fabulous experience are you going to have with your children this year??

Do you know how at the start of the year, we tell ourselves that we are going to do ‘such and such’ or that we will definitely go to a specific place this year but then before you know it, the year has flown by and you didn’t get a chance to do half of the things that you had planned!!

How about you put pen to paper and get planning NOW! Let’s get a date in the diary for that specific thing or experience that you want to do! Don’t let another year go by without doing them!!

This was your reminder! 😂

Happy New Year everyone, be sure to look out for my Organisation Hacks For Mums video on my YouTube channel tomorrow!!

Thanks for reading 🤗

Layonie xxx