Pocket Money to Big Money extras

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I recently uploaded a video to my YouTube channel of Book Recommendations for self help and to improve self confidence, if you haven’t watched that video yet, you can watch it here.

One of the books that I mentioned was infact my own, after I had recently read it again (after throwing it to the back of my mind and forgetting all about it!) I wrote the book over 4 years ago now and I am pleased to say that, I do believe the information is still relevant for today. If you have read my book first of all, thank you so much and secondly, I do hope that you found it helpful.

The ebook; Pocket Money to Big Money is available on Amazon, click here to purchase your copy!

One thing that I must mention is that I no longer own the website that the ebook refers to so, if you would like to access the PMBM worksheets for you to print off to help you whilst you teach your children to manage and take control of their money, just click here.

Thank you for passing through,

Stay safe

Layonie Jae xx

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