Everyones Going Crazy For Dip Dying Hair!

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Dip dye just got easy with new L’Oréal Paris Préférence Wild Ombrés, a simple way to subtly highlight the lengths and tips of hair.

Get on-trend with a two-tone dip-dye style at home. With an easy and simple to use brush on style-creator tool, this hair colour look is easy to create.
Wild Ombrés is a revelation in the world of hair colour – fashion forward and celebrity inspired two-tone finish on a hair style that you can achieve in minutes.

~L’oreal Paris

So.. for a couple of years now the ombre trend has been around but I seem to have noticed it alot more than ever recently. When I first saw it I did like it but at the same time thought that it looked a little like re growth gone left for too long. My first thought was for a simple way to get your ombre style: choose a colour that you love, apply to all of your hair then wait patiently (and I mean patiently like weeks/months..) for your re growth to eventually form into a beautifully transformed ombre look!! 🙂

Ok that’s maybe not the best advice from your up and coming hairstylist but you must admit that you too have thought the same thing..?! Or was it just me..?

I’m thinking of changing my hair colour in the new year. I currently have my natural hair colour (black) and I’m in two minds of whether to try out the Ombre trend or to go for a good old fashion brunette high lights (from the roots) through out my hair, with a few blonde highlights on top to complement them. Hmm.. I’ll get back to you on that one!!

Here are a few pics of celebrities rocking this look:

We often see Caroline Flack sporting the dip dye ombre, blending her smooth brunette locks to a soft blonde finish


Below Alexander Burke has a subtle brunette dye worked into her black glossy mane


 Below Khloe Kardashian is another fan of the dip dye ombre trend adding a soft honey colour to her dark brunette ‘do.


..and if your feeling vibrant and bold this christmas you could go wild by following Nicki Minaj and Made in chelsea’s Gabriella Ellis, who both opted for the rainbow look below,



I absolutley love this rainbow look but I dont think that I could be that adventurous enough to sport it? Could you? Are you a fan of the dip dye? What look do you think I should go for in the new year??

Layonie Jae xxx💗

4 thoughts on “Everyones Going Crazy For Dip Dying Hair!

  1. Dip dyeing is a great look and I can see why so many are going for it. I don’t want to be a killjoy but it is a technique which should be left to the professionals. Really, it takes skill to achieve the above looks and is not something that should be considered out of a box. I have been using professional loreal colour for 20 years and understand they have a home market. However this is a skilled technique and not ‘just a colour’, so my opinion is they should know better than to undermine experienced stylists. Be careful. If you go to my twitter account @100khair and see the video i posted on 22nd feb you’ll see where i’m coming from.


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