We went to Kidzania!!!


OMG! If you havent been to Kidzania before then I absolutely recomLayonie Jaemend that you take Layonie Jaeyour children there! It is definLayonie Jaeitely an experience worth experiencing! It litterally is a city for children with very realistic features! The shops, the hospital, the supermarket, everything about Kidzania is fantastic! They even have the mini replica of my favourite shop H&M which I was very impressed with!!

Your children have the opportuntiy to both earn and spend Kidzania money called Kidzo’s and have the freedom to truely enjoy the experience with many no grown ups allowed area zones.


I took my Leshay and Jaray (age 5 & 7) to Kidzania with my mum so the cost for the 4 of us was £97 in total. £26.67 for a child ticket and £13.75 for an adult ticket (each). I booked our session online and printed off the e-tickets. Each session lasts for 4 hours and I booked the 11am-3pm session for the Saturday.

Located in Westfeilds Shopping Centre, at Shephards Bush, London. We arrived 15 minutes early as adviced and check in was a replica of the British Airways airport check in system, here you are given your wrist bands and Kidzo’s (Kidzanian currency) and then your adventure begins!

We all wore our wrist bands during our visit!

We all wore our wrist bands during our visit!

Kidzania with Layonie Jae

Both Leshay and Jaray working at the hotel!

Kidzania with Layonie Jae

Leshay and Jaray got a job in a hotel

Kidzania with Layonie Jae

Jaray went shopping in the supermarket!

Kidzania with Layonie Jae

Jaray was given a shopping list to follow!

Kidzania with Layonie Jae

Jaray at the check out!

Kidzania with Layonie Jae

After he had finished he was given a receipt!

Kidzania with Layonie Jae

Leshay got a job as a check out girl!

Kidzania with Layonie Jae

Leshay the check out girl in the supermarket


Kidzania with Layonie Jae

Leshays class teddy Leo enjoyed his day at Kidzania!!

After the 4 hours were up, the kids had a look around the Kidzania department store to see if they wanted to buy anything, which in the end they didnt so they have brought the money back home with them ready for when we go back. I plan to go back during the summer time!

Have you been to Kidzania before? What did you think of it?

Kidzania with Layonie Jae

Here is our video of our day at Kidzania!

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Wishing you all a happy Monday and a positive week ahead!!

Layonie Jae x


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